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NOW enrolling all grades 2014/2015 School Year.

Tuition REDUCED for 2014/2015.

If you are seeking an excellent academic program in a Christian school setting, contact Prinicipal, Jeff Boehlke for a personal educational consult today.



CCLS D'Vinci's Fundraising Nights are back!  Beginning Sept. 9th and every second Tuesday of the month, D'Vinci's owner, Dave Quinn has designated 10% of his restaurant's sales to CCLS.  So dine out locally and enjoy a fantastic meal while supporting CCLS!  Special thanks to  Dave Quinn for his year long support!  CCLS LOVES D'VINCI'S.


Forms & Fee Day Thursday, August 21st. 8am-8pm.

Stop in.

Tour School.

Meet Teachers.

Fill out forms.

Drop off supplies.

Get ready for a GREAT School Year!

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Help us meet our fundraising goal. We DEPEND donations to meet our budgetary needs. Every donation is matched 1:1, so a gift of $100 become $200! There is no better time than now to donate. No mininum amount!

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In the Word: Preparation 

Over the next two months I will be writing on the topic of “4 reasons to enroll your child at CCLS.”

Each "In the Word" devotion will be dedicated to one of those 4 individual reasons.  Here is reason #4:

#4. Focus On Learning

Prepared for a World that sees the Cross as Foolishness

Jim Faye, author of Parenting with Love and Logic, addressed a group of 600 middle school and high school parents at a public school district, sharing with them tips and skills for parenting.  While this was not a Christian presentation he has always presented with an underlying tone of Christianity.  He said this to the group “When your child is picking out your nursing home, do you want your child to have only focused on excellent grades and GPA or do you want them to be a person of good character?”

We want kids of good character don’t we? I know I hope my children make good grades, get good jobs and are prepared for adult life in the 21st century, but more importantly;  I want them to be people of good character and wisdom.

That’s where Christian education comes in. That’s where CCLS comes in for kids and families. Our students are learning about Math and Science, Social Studies and English. They learn about Health and Technology too. STEM Robotics has been added, 6+1 Writing has been focused on and we are looking at Rosetta Stone for Spanish instruction in the coming year. All of this is exciting stuff that enriches our students learning. All of these things have value and add to our students being prepared for leadership in our area highs schools, colleges and universities, but they mean nothing if our graduates leave with little sense of what is truly important, what is right and what has enduring value. Where the world sees the message of the cross as foolishness, we see wisdom. God knows we need more of that in our communities. I believe this is why God has placed CCLS here.

1 Corinthians 1:18

18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

Have no doubt; CCLS is committed to providing a compelling education for your children, one that will leave them prepared for life long learning in our digital age. Along with the addition of Rosetta Stone, we are reviewing National Standards for Science Instruction and will be revising and updating our Science instruction in the Middle school grades of 5-8. Providing our teachers with more resources and updated materials to enhance student achievement in this most precious and important of areas.

Our teachers and staff are committed to making our school a great place for students every day and a great place of preparation for the next stage. Most importantly, the power of God being taught caught and shared with children 170 plus days a year? Now that is a wise decision for everyone.

Proudly Serving Christ,

Jeff Boehlke, Principal


“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”

Matthew 28: 20b